HHS Mission and Members

The Hamilton Historical Society, Inc. of Hamilton, Massachusetts was incorporated December 18, 1961. It's comprised of members who combine their love of Hamilton and its history, venture to continue to discover and learn, and publicly share their information for current and future generations. The website features several ways to share history; from photos to newsclips; from blog entries to off-site links with libraries of information to explore. One of those links, Digital Commonwealth of Massachusetts website, offers more than 2,400 historic photos. Access is free! Also free and from our neighbors just north: The Ipswich Historic Society has a collection of Hamilton colonial houses embedded on a page full of great history!

Connie Cobb

Cobb Connie Cobb, our Treasurer, became a Board Member in 1993. She is a member of the Town Registrar and has worked in the treasurer's office. Her family came to Hamilton in 1955, and now lives on Asbury St.

Emily Cook

Cook Emily Cook joined the Society in 1975 and became a Board Member in 1990. At present, she is a Vice President and Chair of the Membership Committee. Emily is a descendant of Samuel Lamson, who in the late 1700s lived in the hamlet Parish of Ipswich, now Hamilton. Emily came to Hamilton in 1937 and lived with her parents on Asbury St. She now lives on Linden St.

Linda Coonrod

Coonrod Linda Coonrod is the longest current member of the Society's Board: she became a board member in 1984. Linda became the Secretary in 1990's. Her home is on Lincoln Ave.

Annmarie Cullen

Cullen Annmarie Cullen became a Board Member in 2017. She began working for the town's emergency response operations in 1974, became the Chief Dispatcher in 1984 and left in 2013. Next, she began working as a substitute teacher in the Hamilton-Wenham school system. She is a Salem State graduate. Like her parents, she was born in Hamilton. She lives on Maple St.

Jacob "Jack" Hauck

Hauck Jacob "Jack" Hauck became a Society and a Board Member in 2013. Jack is the author of many articles about the history of Hamilton that are on the Hamilton-Wenham Library website, under "Treasures of Hamilton History." He and his family moved from Wenham to Knowlton St. in Hamilton in 2012.

Annette Janes

Janes Annette Janes is currently the Society's archivist and previously served as President. She became a Board Member in 1986. An author of several books about Hamilton's history, Annette was very involved with the Library, serving as the librarian for 30 years. She lives on Union St.

Sue McGlaughlin

McGlaughlin Sue McGlaughlin became a Board Member in 2014. Her grandfather moved to Hamilton in 1950 and she began summering at Chebacco Lake that year, before moving there in 1968. Sue serves on the Society's Program Committee. She also is active with the Chebacco Lake Association. She lives on Gregory Island Rd.

Klaus Saggerer

Saggerer Klaus Saggerer has served as the Society's computer technician since 2012. His parents moved to Hamilton 1971 from Salem. He has been very active in the digitizing of the society's documents and photographs. Klaus lives on Rust St.

Ann St. Germain

Germain Ann St. Germain became a Society Board Member in 1981. Except for 3 years when she was a teacher in Vermont, she has lived in Hamilton. Her father, John T. Walke, moved to Hamilton in the late 1920's from Canada. Beginning in 1971, Ann served as a Library Trustee. Ann lives on Day Ave.

Elaine M. Whipple

EWhipple Elaine M. Whipple became a Board Member in 1994. She lives on Pleasant Ave.


Ray Whipple

RWhipple Ray Whipple became President of the Society's Board in 2016. He is the author of "The Whipples of Ipswich and Its Hamlet." Ray is a descendant of Captain John Whipple, who was one of the early residents of Ipswich, in the Hamlet that now is Hamilton. He lives on Mill St.